5 Ways to Photos Editor Free for Beginners

Capturing moments in the form of photos has become a common thing for people today. Yes, taking pictures is fun, but editing photos is no less exciting.

Usually, if we are not satisfied with the results of the photos we get, we always take the time to edit photos so that they are more pleasing to the eye when displayed on social media. But poor editing can actually worsen the appearance of the photo, you know. So that your edits look more attractive, try the following 5 ways to edit photos. You can do the following seven ways in various photo editor applications on smartphones. So you don’t have to bother opening Photoshop.

1. Align Objects in Photos

Photos whose main object looks tilted are certainly less pleasing to the eye. To be more symmetrical, you can use the rotate feature in the editor application on your smartphone. It’s easy, you just rotate the photo until the main object appears in line with the horizon line available in the application.

2. Crop Photo

Usually, when shooting from a distance, there are unnecessary objects that are caught on camera. You can outsmart it with the crop feature in photo editing applications. This feature allows you to crop the part of the photo that you want to highlight and remove the part that interferes with the view.

3. Adjust Contrast & Brightness

These are the basic aspects that you should pay attention to when editing photos. Adjusting the lighting when shooting is not easy, sometimes it is determined by external factors such as sunlight, lights, and so on. Not infrequently many photographers complain that the photos are too dark or vice versa.

Well, when adjusting the contrast and lighting, your eyes must be observant so that the settings are in accordance with the portion. Your photos will look even more attractive.

4. Set Color

If you want to edit colors in a photo, try using the saturation, warmth, and color balance features. You can use these three features as needed. For example, if you want the color of the photo to look firmer or darker, you can set it at saturation. Or if you want to change the tone to yellow or bluish, you can set it in the warmth feature.

5. Remove Disturbing Objects

Photo editing apps like Snapseed have a healing feature that lets you remove objects that are distracting from your view. The trick is to use the brush button and then wipe the object you want to remove.

6. Shadows and Highlights

If the lighting you have set is not satisfactory, try using these two features. Shadow lets you adjust the firmness of the shadows in the photo. Usually the shadow setting is very useful for shadow or silhouette themed photos. While highlights are useful for filtering lighting in certain parts only.

7. Adding Elements to Photos

Photo editing applications are currently quite sophisticated. Some of them allow users to add elements that were not previously in the photo. Clusters of stars and sunsets are additional elements that are often used. Different applications, of course, have different additional element features. If you want your work to look natural, you don’t need to use this feature.

Photo editing is fun. However, if the results are excessive or not good, your photos will look less attractive. As much as possible, edit your photo according to the portion, to make it look more natural.





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